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Xiang Sheng Paper Products Co., Ltd Mainly engaged in Paper Napkin, Box of Facial Tissue, Handkerchief Paper, Pocket Tissue Paper, Roll Tissue Paper, Soft Facial Tissue, Paper Cups, Paper Plate, Paper Bags, Paper Hat, Party Products and the Hotel Products. Our products is Environmental protection, soft and comfortable, and our products also is Exquisite packaging, good quality and is very cheaper. The advantages of economical and practical, which is accepted the by a lot of consumers. Our products is 100% of the native wood pulp, and has not add any fluorescent, it get through by 450 degrees of ultra high temperature treatment, physical flexibility, smooth, absorbent strong, and has Strong suction water and it is easy can decompose in water. In order to meet the requirements of customers, in recent years, the enterprise scale is growing stronger, with its strong economic strength, and introduction of foreign advanced production technology, perfect detection means, the development of... [Details]
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